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YOU HAVE 4 SHOTS. make them count

kailangan mo ng presence of mind at presence of face sa photobooth. smile, tuck in your tummy and think 3 poses ahead para hindi ka mukang 2x2 picture sa pinakamalapit na xeroxan

pose 1: one calorie smile. instead of saying “cheese”, say “unli-rice” for that half-smile

pose 2: smile with sound. lagyan ng sound ang smile and say “AHA-HA-HA” out loud. ang peg ay pang chickenjoy billboard

pose 3: pucha may camera pala, pero ok lang pogi naman ako-serious. kunyari di ka pa ready, inaayos mo pa ang suit, tie, sleeves, glasses, nag iisip ka pa ng pogi things to do. pero sanay kang ma picture-an. afterall, pogi ka, at ang mga pogi, camera magnet.

pose 4: “wacky”. ginagawa ko jan yung “oh-shit may ginawa nanaman akong kabobohan look”. di ka dapat takot magmukang tanga. itodo mo kasi ang half baked mukang tanga, is 100 percent mukang tanga. gets?

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Geraldania Ledesma :)

photo by: nica bangayan

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Making eye-contact with your crush:





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Effects on are SO COOL!

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" I love you with everything I am and everything I ever hope to be. "

- Mr. Will Schuester ♥

Glee Season 3 Episode 10
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I’ve been to Quiapo yesterday but I got bored, nothing unusual had caught my interest, but then before I decided to go home, I saw these colorful candles. Each candle costs??? I forgot.. You have to make a wish and pray, but be sure your wishes need to be realistic.

Wait for me, Manila 


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Do you remember this? Reblog if this is also your favorite.


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Ikemen Desu Ne Miko Style 1 (by Nepushi Ledesma)

This look was inspired by Miko (played by Takimoto Miori) from the Japanese drama Ikemen Desu Ne. I’m actually posting more Miko-inspired get-up soon. Meanwhile, check this out.

Oxford shoes available upon request @ Beau Stuff Shop.

Photographed my sister. This is a start of a new hobby :”>

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Lion King is LOVE :”>

Lion King is LOVE :”>

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Aww :( I miss “telebabads” with my best friends :((

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